TMG Introduces Health Management Tool

Mobile Health Management Tool to Help Your Driver Deal with New Health Regulations

Can the government’s crackdown on stricter health regulations make your drivers healthier? In January, the government introduced new regulations on truck drivers’ health requirements.  All health records now need to be logged into a national database that also tracks drivers’ licenses and violations.  With the federal government monitoring these records, who knows what future regulations will come into effect that involve drivers’ requirements.  However, will these new health regulations really encourage drivers’ to make healthier lifestyle choices?

Transportation Marketing Group wanted to find out, and help you and your company avoid the hazardous consequences of these new regulations and the ever-increasing health care costs.  In fact, we recently launched, a health management tool that allows drivers to share their on-the-road diet with a health coach, doctor, or just a support buddy.  All your driver needs is an Internet connection. If you’re interested in a free trial membership, click the banner below to request information.

Through extensive research of companies with successful wellness programs-- Melton Transportation, Schneider National (who saw an ROI of 5:1 on their wellness program), and Waste Management-- Transportation Marketing Group found that effective wellness programs often consisted of the following elements:

  • Health, diet and exercise information provided directly by the employer
  • Progress is measurable and success is rewarded
  • Tools and support are consistently available

Transportation Marketing Group has combined the attributes of these successful programs and added the benefit of making the program easily accessible to drivers. The site also provides a complete database of nutritional information for food and restaurants, so drivers can see how many calories, grams of fat, cholesterol, or carbohydrates they are eating as they log their diet.

Along with the easy-to-use diet log, drivers will be able to view reports of their averages and have easy access to healthy diet and exercise tips.  Best of all, drivers can share their information with an accountability partner. Accurate and direct accountability is the missing link for most transportation wellness programs.  18wheelwellness is built for mobile access so simply having a laptop or Smartphone on the road will bridge that link.

Approximately 10 percent of a company’s employees account for 80 percent of the total healthcare costs.  Imagine the results if a company could purchase a direct action-based wellness program like 18WheelWellness for their top 10 percent of “at risk” drivers. Even if only half participated, the results would be groundbreaking! With this in mind, the carrier who signs their “at risk” drivers up for the 18WheelWellness membership and offers incentives for participating should see best results. This tool will be particularly helpful for the drivers who are battling such health challenges as heart disease, obesity, sleep apnea, and diabetes.

The program is still in development and we’re open to feedback. We want this site to change the way your driver’s view their health challenges so you can rest assure that you are doing everything you can to lower costs and take care of the drivers you send out on the road.

To request more information and sign up for a free trial, please click the banner below and contact our director, Stephen Kent.  By refining wellness programs to be easier to use and more accessible, we can make the road safer and our drivers healthier.  Together we can stay one step ahead of new regulations and rising healthcare costs!

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