Lead Management

Take the Hassle Out of Lead Vendor Management

As companies continue to allocate more of their marketing budget to online sources, lead management becomes increasingly important—and increasingly difficult—unless you have an efficient, effective system to evaluate every campaign’s performance.

Which leads are converting at the highest rate?
Which vendors are providing the most qualified leads?
Which vendors are not producing quality leads at all?

Transportation Marketing Group’s proprietary lead management system, the ILM, is an easy to use, web-based tool, that allows you to answer these questions and make adjustments to your campaign, ultimately delivering more qualified leads and increasing your lead-to-start rates.

Manage the effectiveness of all lead sources, with PlattForm’s ILM system that provides:

  • Real-time data- from all lead sources
  • Data validation– filtering of unqualified leads based on your program or location specific requirements
  • Lead delivery– post to any destination, including your CRM, call center or email program
  • Customized reporting– view lead and conversion stats at the campaign, campus and vendor basis
  • Flexible data importing and exporting– import start information from an outside database and export any ILM report into an Excel spreadsheet

Maximize Your Performance

TMG’s Internet Lead Management System provides your school with complete lead transparency, allowing more efficient campaign management and the ability to accurately evaluate vendor and lead performance. All of which lead to a more efficient marketing budget, an increased ROI and more time to focus on converting higher-quality leads.

Agency of Record

The ILM can be used as a self-service package, or outsourced to TMG, where a team of seasoned professionals actively manage the lead generation process, including:

  • Negotiating with lead providers
  • Managing vendor compliance
  • Coordinating monthly IO’s with vendors
  • Maintaining ongoing budget and lead cap management
  • Monitoring & reporting campaign performance