Transportation Marketing Group is dedicated to servicing the education industry and positioning each and every one of our clients for growth. In addition to traditional advertising support, we go above and beyond, to offer services that will help your admissions department succeed. We also provide:

  • Admissions Training
  • Online Student Surveys
  • Quick Connect

Admissions Training

Whether you’re hiring additional members to your admissions team or you’re looking to further develop your existing resources, finding high-quality admissions training for your team members is essential for success.

Our in-house recruitment and admissions experts are skilled educators and trainers. We have developed dozens of presentations for conferences, seminars, workshops and company training events. Our experience and expertise in admissions, sales, marketing and advertising infuses your admissions training program or event with credibility and substance.

We have received praise and energetic reviews of our training presentations, that have increased our clients’ level of admissions success and have had a direct effect on the growth of their schools.

Training topics include:

  • Inside-out Admissions – Admissions, Not Sales
  • Enrolling Online Students
  • Admissions Telephone Techniques
  • Effective Admissions Interviewing Techniques
  • Identifying Personality Types and Customizing Your Strategy
  • Converting Internet Leads into Internet Starts

Online Student Surveys

Schools that go farther understand key aspects of their students. The difference between a lost lead and a conversion can literally be attributed to one small miscommunication. How can schools make that meaningful connection to their demographic that gives them that subtle competitive edge? TMG has the answers.

TMG offers this service, free of charge, to our clients. Utilize expertly developed surveys that will uncover important information about:

  • Demographics
  • Media habits
  • Decision drivers
  • Transportation choices
  • Levels of technical expertise

Get a grasp of crucial and valuable information to learn how and when to better communicate with your current and prospective students. Provide insight for your admissions team and precise data for your education department.

Quick Connect

Are you connecting with your online leads fast enough? Every second counts. The faster your reps contact a lead, the higher the conversion rate. Make sure your hot leads don’t go cold!

TMG’s Quick Connect allows you to instantly connect with your online leads as soon as they hit the submit button. Once is lead is submitted and validated, we automatically contact your school to notify you. Your admissions team is then given the option to be quick connected with the potential student.

Why Quick Connect?

  • To turn leads into instant phone calls
  • To increase Internet conversion rates
  • To be the first to speak with prospective students